Are you new to the area and/or interested in Hood Canal history?

Do you like to eat fresh foods harvested close by?

  • Buy local, wild-caught, or sustainably raised salmon and seafood - Ask your grocer or fishmonger for advice on which products to buy and how to cook them
  • Support your local Hood Canal shellfish growers, ask your favorite restaurant if they serve Hood Canal shellfish
  • Get information on mushroom gathering and other forest products

Do you like to camp in Hood Canal?

Do you like to hike or walk along the beach?

Do you fish for salmon, or crab, or gather shellfish?

Help our fisheries management efforts by knowing and following fishing regulations

Pick up lost fishing gear you find on the beach or in the water

Practice clean, green boating - Help keep our navigable waters and marinas clean and healthy for all of us, and our marine ecosystem