What Each of Us Can Do for Hood Canal

Hood Canal is a treasured place.  
We experience it in many ways and value it for many different reasons.

While there are many large-scale efforts to protect and restore a healthy Hood Canal, individual choices and actions contribute too! 

Read below to learn more about actions we can all take – on our own property, while in the outdoors, and in our communities – to Do Some Good for the Hood!

How you can help during your favorite activities:

Are you new to the area and/or interested in Hood Canal history?

Do you like to eat fresh foods harvested close by?

  • Buy local, wild-caught, or sustainably raised salmon and seafood - Ask your grocer or fishmonger for advice on which products to buy and how to cook them
  • Support your local Hood Canal shellfish growers, ask your favorite restaurant if they serve Hood Canal shellfish
  • Get information on mushroom gathering and other forest products

Do you like to camp in Hood Canal?

Do you like to hike or walk along the beach?

Do you fish for salmon, or crab, or gather shellfish?

Does your property have an on-site septic system?

Get your OSS inspected for leaks and to make sure it is operating properly

Watch this video of how Craft3 works in Hood Canal.

Does your property have a bulkhead or hard shoreline armoring?

  • Learn about how to protect nearshore habitat – Use environmentally friendly soft armoring techniques to maintain green shorelines.

Do you want to know how maintaining your property helps Hood Canal?

See these helpful Property Owner Guides from the Washington State Department of Ecology:

Do you live near the shoreline or along a stream?


Be active in your support for a healthy Hood Canal:

Do you want to connect with local outreach and education efforts to learn more about Hood Canal?



Is this where Puget Sound Starts?

Do you want to get involved in local restoration and stewardship efforts?

Take advantage of the wealth of information and services provided by regional Conservation Districts and WSU Extension offices:

Support your local Salmon Enhancement Group by volunteering for fish surveys, tree plantings, take an art class, donate to salmon enhancement projects, and more:

Help local land trusts conserve important properties to maintain a healthy Hood Canal: